Robbie Antonio

Robbie Antonio is an Executive Vice-President and the Head of Business Development at Century Properties. One crucial aspect of his work is forging relationships with designers and iconic brands as part of Century's property development strategy.

One of the biggest of these partnerships came in the form of having MISSONIHOME, the famed Italian home design firm, come to the Philippines to interior design Acqua Livingstone. Robbie Antonio was able to broker a deal with the family-led group to partner in this project and make it one of the fastest-selling residential developments in the country. His friendship with the family, as well as his long-held belief that Filipinos are ready for large-scale brand experiences, was one of the primary reasons this was made possible.

"This is a testament to Missoni's strong belief in the prospects of the Philippines as a premiere development platform," he said. "This pushes the boundaries of Philippine real estate and makes esteemed brands like MISSONIHOME accessible as a lifestyle experience."

"MISSONIHOME is an experience of happiness, excitement, beauty, creativity, style and elegance," said Vittorio Missoni, Marketing Director and shareholder of Missoni. "We are inspired by the seasons of nature and we play with color because life is more beautiful with color."

It's because of this dedication to color and creativity that MISSONIHOME was deemed a logical fit for Century's Acqua Livingstone. Not only that but the company is essentially a family, much like how Century Properties is led by a family and built on family values.

"We are extremely proud and honored to be working with Missoni family for Acqua Livingstone" said Robbie Antonio. "Both companies are rooted on the same foundations of a rich history respect for family values and a culture of passion, creativity, quality and authenticity. The Missoni brand has endured through the years because it consistently improved on its styles and innovated. Century Properties is doing the same in the real estate frontier by offering life-enhancing experiences."

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